About Us

Mission Statement
CRC Polymer Systems will provide Compounds, Resins and Colors in a total System to meet Customer application requirements. We are committed to meeting our Customer & Supplier needs with complete Technical Service. We will work continually to provide our Employees and Community a safe and rewarding workplace and environment.

CRC was founded in January of 2000 to meet a specific niche in the Plastics Industry. We saw the need for a single source for Compounds, Resins and Colors to support a Customer’s specific application requirements.  Additionally we found it necessary to provide on-site complete technical support to be sure that all aspects from material selection to finished part production were met.  Since our inception, we’ve validated that our original vision was well founded.  Our Customers and Suppliers have realized the value of having a technically focused material supply company supporting their needs.  We have an extensive array of applications that justify our efforts and approach.  In 2014 we expanded that vision to include the next level of product development via custom compounds and material testing.

Our investment into a 65,000+ square foot facility encompasses the following:

  • Central location for our Distribution and Corporate Headquarters
  • Complete product development pilot plant and testing lab
  • Blending capabilities from 50lb batches to a 4,500lb/hour continuous process
  • Rail siding with packaging capabilities from bulk rail car & truck to gaylord boxes