Thermoplastic Engineering Alloys

CRC’s TriFax family of products are BPA free Engineering Alloy’s formulated specifically to meet applications with higher chemical & impact resistance needs.   These products have high clarity and meet California’s Prop 65 & The EU’s SVHC requirements.

Key properties include:

  • BPA Free
  • High impact properties (ambient & cold)
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • High transparency & light transmission
  • Excellent flow properties for thin wall applications
  • Good release properties for minimal draft parts
  • Flame retardant grades available

Target Markets

  • Because TriFax has high clarity, chemical resistance and impact properties, it is an ideal candidate for replacing polycarbonate and other amorphous clear polymers. With the ability to impart UL94-V2 performance for flame resistance without giving up transparency, it has great potential in many industrial and consumer applications. Being BPA Free adds additional value.


  • Consumer & industrial cleaning equipment parts and components requiring chemical resistance, impact and clarity. (UL94-V2 needs to be obtained. Performance meets requirements)
  • Industrial fluid containers where chemical resistance is needed along with transparency and high impact properties.
  • Commercial & industrial lighting domes and lenses where UL94-V2, light transmission, chemical resistance and impact are required.
  • Analogous applications to tealight cups needing chemical resistance, flame resistance and transparency along with good impact properties.

Product Data Sheets

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