Carbelene MC

Thermoplastic Mineralized Compounds

Carbelene MC, are semi-crystalline polymer compounds suitable for replacing many engineering resins such as PC & PC Alloys. Our technology makes the polymer act amorphous allowing for a direct replacement without tool modification. Low warp, uniform shrinkage & no pre-drying are a significant advantage. Benefits also include superior chemical resistance, lower cost and equivalent or lower specific gravity compared to many engineering resins.

Replace High Cost Engineering Resins with products that offer…

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High impact at ambient & cold temperatures
  • Low warp & uniform shrinkage
  • No pre-drying requirements
  • Comparable heat deflection properties
  • Equivalent flexural properties
  • Equivalent or lower specific gravity
  • Equivalent shrinkage to resins


  • Commercial and industrial parts that require additional chemical resistance due to lubricants and solvents being present.
  • Applications requiring a cost reduction. Compounds have lower cost along with the reduced expense of processing due to lower temperatures and no pre-drying.

Product Data Sheets

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